Gentle and specific care with lasting results


At Straz Spinal Care, we are dedicated to understanding how we can help you achieve health and wellbeing. In today’s fast paced world, many people are offered treatments that merely mask symptoms, but never truly address the underlying cause(s). Our goal is to identify underlying health conditions and offer more than temporary fixes. Our view on health is that we are innately meant to remain healthy, as long as we are giving our body what it needs and eliminating any interferences that could prevent our body from healing and thriving.


We were designed with the innate ability to adapt to our environment and overcome most stressors and health conditions.  However, we must have proper communication throughout our body to do so.  Our body is a complex and intricate set of systems that operate and communicate in unison with one another to help us thrive, rather than working as separate organs and systems that are independent of one another. There are trillions of cells in our body and each one is controlled and regulated by our nervous system. Therefore, it is critical our nervous system operates without any interferences. We provide care to ensure this happens.


We utilize objective measures to determine if a patient has a misalignment of the top two bones in the neck, which are called the atlas and axis bones. First, we use infrared thermography to evaluate the presence of any possible physiological interference. The temperature of the skin is controlled by our nervous system through vasodilation and vasoconstriction and should be balanced on both sides.  If an imbalance is present, it indicates an irritation of the nervous system that causes a nerve interference. Once this is identified, the next step is to perform a postural assessment.

The postural control center is located at the upper neck. If the upper neck becomes misaligned and remains misaligned, the rest of the body has to compensate. This phenomena is called the righting reflex. This causes the postural muscles of the spine to become tight on one side and create uneven stress on the spine and joints. As a result, our head, shoulders, and pelvis will tilt and twist causing one leg to appear shorter than the other.  If left uncorrected, this unequal distribution of stress can lead to a lot of musculoskeletal issues.

At Straz Spinal Care, we will do a complete postural assessment to determine if a patient has an upper cervical misalignment that could cause musculoskeletal conditions. Next, we will take very specific digital x-rays to determine exactly how your atlas is positioned. We review your findings with you, before Dr. Straz corrects your misalignment using gentle pressure behind the ear. The pressure is so gentle that it is similar to the feeling of having your pulse taken. There is no twisting, pulling, cracking of the spine to make the correction. We refer to this as a correction, not an adjustment, because our goal is for your correction to hold, so you do not have to frequently be adjusted. Holding is healing!