Gentle and specific care with lasting results


NUCCA is an acronym that stands for National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association. It is one of the most detailed and researched forms of chiropractic care. NUCCA focuses on aligning the atlas (top bone of the neck) with the skull and spine. This is the only area of the spine where there is not a disc between the bones. Instead, it is held together by small muscles and ligaments, which give us a greater range of motion to view our surroundings.  Because of these biomechanics, this is the weakest link of our spine.  Neurologically, it protects the most vital portion of the nervous system called the brainstem.  For a person to achieve health and true resolution of many health conditions, there must not be any interference near the brainstem.

There are many different approaches and techniques in the chiropractic profession. However, NUCCA is the safest and most specific technique for  individuals of all ages and can even begin at birth.  Although NUCCA focuses on the top bone of the neck, it truly is a full spine approach and affects the mechanics and physiology of the whole body.